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Love Your Sister

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Target: $10,000,000

raised so far: $2,023,608.85

About Love Your Sister


On Thursday February 13, 2014, Samuel Johnson completed his mission...

He’s broken the world record for longest distance travelled on a unicycle, raised over $1.5m and the whole way round strove to remind every young Mum in the land to be Breast Aware. Promise kept! The support received over the last year has been mind-blowing for Connie and Samuel. It’s been the best year of their lives and wouldn’t have been possible without the help of so many of you from all across the country.

Samuel might have finished pedalling, but the fight is not over. In fact, he’s angrier than ever, and with Connie’s help he plans to take Love Your Sister to places never previously imagined.


 Their message is 'Don't fall into the booby-trap, be breast aware!'


Donations of $2 and over are fully tax deductible and you will receive a receipt from Garvan Research Foundation (the fundraising arm of the Garvan Institute) ABN 91 042 722 738.