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Beat Pancreatic Cancer
Thank you for visiting the "Team Phil" page and helping us in our goal to raise money for the Australian Pancreatic Cancer Genome Initiative at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.
In doing so you honour the memory of Philip Hemstritch who died of Pancreatic Cancer in March 2010 and of that of Andrew Cartel, Dave Grant, Reg Hemstritch, Larry Levitan, Ian St. Lawrence, Garry Stewart and Johan Woutersz who also died from this deadliest of cancers.
The International Cancer Genome Consortium brings together the world's leading scientists to catalogue the genetic changes of the 50 most common cancer types.
Australia's contribution to the Consortium, the Australian Pancreatic Cancer Genome Initiative (APGI), is co-led by Professor Sean Grimmond from the Institute of Molecular Bioscience in Brisbane, and Professor Andrew Biankin from The Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney.
Your donation will support their work, so please give generously.

My Sponsors
John Anderson 23/11/2011 $500.00 Jane, well done on a great effort! John
Karyn Mottershead 21/11/2011 $1,000.00 Sorry i missed the original event!! but better late than never!!...great stuff ...hope you are doing well. karyn m
Rosalind Hallifax 19/11/2011 $100.00
Georgina Wagner 15/11/2011 $80.00 Well done!
Greg English 7/11/2011 $150.00
John Haine 7/11/2011 $100.00
Caroline Strange 3/11/2011 $250.00 well done - a superb achievement
Jack Percy 2/11/2011 $250.00
Piers Cardew 30/10/2011 $500.00
Anonymous 27/10/2011 $2.00 This is a donation from Blackbaud Pacific.
Anonymous 27/10/2011 $400.00 Donations from Roy Franklin and Mike Harding
Kerry Willcock 19/10/2011 $100.00 Well run, Jane and co.
Sue Greenshields 19/10/2011 $500.00 Well run Team Phil !
The Bowring Family
Anindya Ghosh 17/10/2011 $52.00
Anonymous 16/10/2011 $50.00 A donation from Joan James
Stephen Willis 14/10/2011 $250.00 Well done Jane and team Phil - Steve & Jenny Willis
Tessa Smith 14/10/2011 $100.00 A small contribution for a very big prize! Tessa
Stewart Gill 12/10/2011 $100.00
Pauline Butler 12/10/2011 $200.00 Congratulations Jane on the run - Chris & Pauline Butler
Charlotte Bilney 12/10/2011 $150.00 Well done guys!
Lynne Barry 11/10/2011 $100.00 Well done to all
Arlene Woutersz 11/10/2011 $50.00
Ian Saines 10/10/2011 $500.00 Jane - congratulations on both the run and the fundraising effort!
Carol Morley 10/10/2011 $50.00 for Steve Ballengee
Lucy Shorrocks 10/10/2011 $100.00 Distracted by Festival and RWC. Congrats for yesterday (+ all training!)
Ian & Paul Beeson / Leonard 10/10/2011 $50.00 Supporting Catriona Brash's 10km Run - Well Done!
Rikke Petersen 10/10/2011 $20.00 Well done to all yesterday!
Graham Howard 10/10/2011 $250.00
Diana Tillack 10/10/2011 $100.00
Kim Loane 10/10/2011 $500.00 It was an honour to be a part of Team Phil and contributing to research that may help find a cure for this terrible cancer.
Charlotte Pache 9/10/2011 $200.00 To Jane and Adam, well done today, love from Charlotte & Dan xxx
Bronwyn O'Brien 9/10/2011 $100.00 Donation from Team Phil ...5 km runner ..Bronwyn O'Brien...Go Team Phil
Sue O'Connor 9/10/2011 $250.00
Robyn Webb 9/10/2011 $20.00
Murray Gordon 9/10/2011 $1,000.00 MG finished well done From Sundae & Junior
Betty Hemstritch 8/10/2011 $200.00 Well done Jane and your team - I am with you all the way we have to beat this disease - Betty
Deborah Stahle 8/10/2011 $100.00 A very special day -
Congratulations Jane!
Stephen Ballengee 8/10/2011 $500.00 Jane, thanks for organising this for a good cause. Good luck to us all tomorrow on Team Phil! Enjoy your run and each other's company in memory of Phil.
Anonymous 8/10/2011 $250.00
Janet and Bruce Bowhill 8/10/2011 $500.00 So proud of you Jane - as is Phil. Good luck Team Phil
Carolyn Scrutton 8/10/2011 $200.00 Best luck, Jane & the rest of the team. Will be thinking of you - and Phil. Candy & Hughx
Catriona Brash 8/10/2011 $500.00 Best of luck to the "rest of Team Phil". It's an honour to be part of the team, to run for a great cause and to have known Phil.
Brian Strange 8/10/2011 $500.00 Best wishes Jane. Go Team Phil. Lets beat this disease.
Andrew & Denise Hemstritch 8/10/2011 $200.00 Good Luck to Jane and all Team Phil in doing this event. Phil would be proud of you all and so supportive of Garvan and the importance of its work in helping to defeat this cancer.
Kazumi Lloyd 8/10/2011 $500.00 Go Jane and Adam!
Well done for doing this and the Gobi in June. Very proud of you!
Jane - Phil would be so impressed!
Good luck to you both!
Kazumi, Naomi and Luke xx
Gabriela Domicelj 8/10/2011 $100.00
Carolyn Kay 8/10/2011 $300.00 Good luck for the run!
Andrew Stewart 7/10/2011 $150.00 Go Jane wish I could join you
Glenn Sedgwick 7/10/2011 $500.00 may the weather be kind and the shoes not give blisters -- good luck to all.
Dennis Hammer 7/10/2011 $64.00 Great Initiative! Hope you are going to reach your target of $100,000
Commonwealth Bank 7/10/2011 $1,000.00 All the best Jane and Andrew from Todd Roberts and the whole IB&M team in SA
Tarquin Oehr 7/10/2011 $200.00 For our dear friend Phil
Adam Bermingham 7/10/2011 $30.00 A great cause...enjoy the run!!
Roderick Barnard 7/10/2011 $200.00 Well done Karen, Jane, Kim et al.
Justin Shute 7/10/2011 $100.00 run Paechy run!
Mark Dimech 7/10/2011 $20.00 Sponsoring Steve Ballengee
Lesley Tacon 7/10/2011 $20.00 Good luck Jane and the rest of Team Phil! Lesley and Peter x
Jastej Bains 7/10/2011 $30.00 Good luck Christian!
Mick Martin 6/10/2011 $50.00 Good luck Stephen. Great cause
Janet Linklater 6/10/2011 $200.00 All the best for the run and for your contribution to a great cause
TGB 6/10/2011 $50.00
John Durham 6/10/2011 $50.00
Catherine Walter 6/10/2011 $200.00 Go Jane and Sue, with you in spirit!
Penny Bingham-Hall 6/10/2011 $200.00 Good luck for the run Jane ... go girl!
Shannon Powell 6/10/2011 $100.00 Impressive effort Jane! Shannon Powell
JOHN GALLAGHER 6/10/2011 $100.00
Tracey Batten 5/10/2011 $200.00 Good luck with the run this weekend Jane - I will be thinking of you.
Grant Sheldon 5/10/2011 $500.00 All the best Jane, Derek, Kim et al for both the run and the very worthy fundraising.
Peter and Katie Coates 5/10/2011 $200.00
Jenny Fagg 5/10/2011 $150.00
Tim Wallace 5/10/2011 $200.00
Derek Young 5/10/2011 $1,000.00 Phil would be very impressed.
Derek and Caroline
Therese Ryan 4/10/2011 $150.00
Anonymous 4/10/2011 $85.00 In Memory.
Tim McCormack 4/10/2011 $100.00 Good luck Paechy and all, great effort.
Anonymous 4/10/2011 $100.00 Donation from JT Macfarlane
Amelia Jalleh 4/10/2011 $50.00
Simon Blair 4/10/2011 $100.00
Jeremy Chenoweth 4/10/2011 $50.00 Good luck Christian and Andrew
Dean Hewitson 4/10/2011 $100.00
Natalie Sinton 4/10/2011 $50.00
Irene Ten 4/10/2011 $100.00
Ray Callus 3/10/2011 $100.00
Irene Yeung 3/10/2011 $200.00 For "Team Phil"
Martin Biggins 3/10/2011 $50.00 Good luck Steve !!
DTS Consulting 3/10/2011 $200.00 go Catriona and Steve
Bhagavathi Naidoo 3/10/2011 $500.00
Paula Dwyer 3/10/2011 $250.00 Good luck "Team Phil"
Patrick McQuaid 3/10/2011 $50.00 Go Steve B!
Morgan Williams 3/10/2011 $50.00
Alok Chakravarti 3/10/2011 $50.00
Grant Stephenson 3/10/2011 $500.00 Good Luck & Best Wishes - from the Stephenson Family. PS:- I lost a mate I'd known for over 40 years to this hideous disease - 2 years ago. Go Team Phil. Such a deserving cause.
Justin Spicer 3/10/2011 $100.00 Best of luck reaching your goals!
Brian Pollard 3/10/2011 $50.00 Just remember Steve the exercise is doing you good!
Jonathan Cowling 3/10/2011 $50.00 Good luck Steve B!
David Killen 3/10/2011 $50.00
Michael Durrant 3/10/2011 $100.00
Tim Percy 3/10/2011 $50.00
Tracy Clough 3/10/2011 $50.00 good luck running 10k Steve! Tracy Clough
Sarah Priday 3/10/2011 $50.00 Go Steve !!
Karl Kilgore 3/10/2011 $50.00 For a great cause. Here's wishing you all the best on the day
Kalpana Mandalika 2/10/2011 $40.00 Good Luck Steve & Catriona!
Peter Danaher 2/10/2011 $30.00 for Team Phil
Peter Cleary 30/09/2011 $100.00 Andrew and Christian - run hard, run fast
Loretta Reynolds 29/09/2011 $100.00
Colin Galbraith 28/09/2011 $500.00
Willie Cheng 28/09/2011 $1,000.00 Jane, for you and Phil. God bless.
Robert Pick 28/09/2011 $100.00 Good luck Paechy - great work!
Julian Hoskins 28/09/2011 $200.00 Best wishes Jane. Go Team Phil!
Nicholas J Chipman 28/09/2011 $250.00 To Jane-every step you take is a step closer to solving this mystery-go Team Phil/go Jane!
Andrew Walduck 28/09/2011 $300.00 Jane - all the best to you and Team Phil for this great fundraising effort.
Claudia Laidlaw 27/09/2011 $25.00 Go Gaylene! Running for a wonderful cause.
Rahoul Chowdry 27/09/2011 $300.00
Andre Levey 26/09/2011 $50.00 Christian and Andrew you both better be under 3h30 or you wont hear the end of it.
Jack Hogan 26/09/2011 $500.00 Best of Luck Jane, Catriona and Team Phil ...
Sander Van't Noordende 26/09/2011 $500.00
The Drogemuller Family 26/09/2011 $100.00 For christian Paech in his endevours to run the marathon in a purple tshirt. We wish him every luck and hope all the money is raised for such a great cause. Glenn and Kate DROGEMULLER (Darwin)
Angela Myatt 26/09/2011 $400.00 Jane, we all wish you the very best of luck! Angela, Les, George and Louise xxxx
Robin Adams 25/09/2011 $100.00 Best of luck Jane. Rob & Sue
Norman & Setsuko Lloyd 24/09/2011 $300.00 This little gift is from Setsuko & Norman for Adam's great walk accross the Gobi Desert last June and Jane & Adam's planned half Marathon in October. Noble effort for a good cause!
Apolonia Kersch 24/09/2011 $250.00 Go team Phil :)
Russell Lath 23/09/2011 $600.00 Kim and Karen, and of course Jane, a great cause and my whole-hearted support. We have a hereditary cancer in our family - and I value tremendously this research.
Leonie Simpson 23/09/2011 $50.00 Good luck Christian and team for this worthy cause.
Michael Harte 23/09/2011 $1,000.00 Great cause Jane
Sharon Carr 23/09/2011 $50.00 Go Karen go!! Good Luck with the run.
Marie Jenner 23/09/2011 $50.00 A very worthy cause - well done Christian & Andrew
Anonymous 23/09/2011 $200.00
Finlaysons 23/09/2011 $1,000.00 Good Luck Christian.
All the very best from Finlaysons.
Deborah Thomas 23/09/2011 $25.00
Terryl Donaldson 22/09/2011 $50.00 Good luck Trina & Team Phil. You're amazing!! I'd need oxygen at the end of a run like this!!
Geoff Healy 22/09/2011 $200.00
Susan Pearson 22/09/2011 $1,000.00 We are rooting for you, Jane. Go for both distance and time! Phil will always be remembered.
Keith Newton 22/09/2011 $1,000.00 Go Jane and Team Phil
Emma Christie 22/09/2011 $100.00 Good luck Christian, We'll be thinking of you. Emma and Jamie
David Lim 22/09/2011 $100.00 Have a great run Jane, Christian and Andrew
Henriette Rothschild 21/09/2011 $500.00
Brooke Hann 21/09/2011 $40.00 $20 for Andrew and $20 for Christian - good luck, may the best man win!! Well done on raising money for a worthy cause.
Kelly & Co. 21/09/2011 $500.00 Good luck Christian. Kelly & Co. wishes you all the best.
Lisa Turner 21/09/2011 $50.00
Joellin Comerford 21/09/2011 $1,000.00 Have a great run and tell Derek I'm impressed!
David Lang 21/09/2011 $250.00 Best of luck, Christian!
Teresa Fels 21/09/2011 $50.00 My goodness Christian, I didn't realise you were so altruistic! Good luck!
Patricia Jane Spanton 21/09/2011 $150.00 Run well, Jane
Merran Dawson 21/09/2011 $250.00 Congratulations Team Phil. Enjoy the day !
BengChoon Lim 21/09/2011 $1,000.00 A very good cause
Go Jane Go Catriona
Graeme Liebelt 21/09/2011 $500.00
Craig Stallan 21/09/2011 $200.00 Good luck Andrew and Christian...
Rob Kennett 21/09/2011 $300.00 Well done Christian, great cause. Rob
Alistair Cavill 21/09/2011 $100.00
Caroline Kimber 21/09/2011 $100.00 Onya Paechy!!
Jill Smart 21/09/2011 $50.00 Good luck & God bless you!
Brett Barker 21/09/2011 $210.98 Good luck Jane-$10 for each km!
Alf Capito 20/09/2011 $250.00
Lipman Karas 20/09/2011 $500.00
Ross McEwan 20/09/2011 $500.00 A wonderful cause. Run well and enjoy.
Tom and Belinda Russo 20/09/2011 $50.00
Anne Seaton 20/09/2011 $100.00
Alex Cartel 20/09/2011 $1,000.00 This detestable disease claimed my father too recently, in a matter of weeks. A great cause Team Phil & a great way to make a difference! Here's to life!
Jennifer Leonard 20/09/2011 $100.00 Best Wishes Jane
Elizabeth Abbott 20/09/2011 $1,000.00 Good Luck Jane for your team run. McComb & Frank Families
Jim Wilton 20/09/2011 $50.00 go you good things
G R Body Contours Pty Ltd 20/09/2011 $100.00 Phillip I'm sure your saying payback is a bitch. I'm going to die!!
Ken Dean 20/09/2011 $500.00 Jane, Andrew, Christian - make every step count. Best wishes, Ken & Kathy
Annabel Spring 20/09/2011 $100.00
Anonymous 20/09/2011 $500.00 To Jane, Derek, Catriona, Kim and all my Australian friends - great cause and good luck!!!
Meg Paech 20/09/2011 $250.00 Go Paechy! Wonderful cause . Happy to donate given that I don't have to run it too!!
Anonymous 19/09/2011 $1,000.00
Deborah Martin 19/09/2011 $100.00 Good luck Jane and all at Team Phil!
Ben Hughes 19/09/2011 $50.00 Great stuff Christian. Good luck with the run and the fundraising!
John Keeves 19/09/2011 $500.00 Good luck Christian, AJ and TeamPhil
Karen Crennan 19/09/2011 $250.00
Terry Neill 19/09/2011 $1,000.00
Ry Spalvins 19/09/2011 $100.00 Great cause, run well AJ.
Shandelle Gameau 19/09/2011 $30.00
Anonymous 19/09/2011 $100.00 Best of Luck Jane and Team Phil!
Simon Flack 19/09/2011 $1,000.00 Go for it Jane and team !!!
Quentin Digby 19/09/2011 $200.00 Christian - this is about the only reason you should ever run a marathon!
Kate Duggan 19/09/2011 $100.00 Go Paechy!! Great cause xx K&T
Ian and Trish Napier 19/09/2011 $500.00 Its only research that will help beat this one. Our love and best wishes to the team. Ian and Trish Napier.
Unley Physiotherapy 19/09/2011 $50.00 Good luck Christian!
Grahame Petersen 19/09/2011 $500.00 Good luck Jane
Mark Collette 19/09/2011 $100.00 Good luck Andrew
Anne-Marie Schwirtlich 19/09/2011 $200.00
David Knox 19/09/2011 $1,000.00 Great cause - I am sorry never to have met Phil.
John Hatton 19/09/2011 $20.00 Great work Jane
Damian Grave 19/09/2011 $200.00 All the best Christian
David Silcock 19/09/2011 $50.00
Raja Thuraisingham 19/09/2011 $2,000.00 Well done Jane. Great Effort.Raja .
Sally McLennan 19/09/2011 $30.00 Good luck Christian. A worthy cause.
Tony Damian 19/09/2011 $250.00 Well done all and good luck Christian.
Jean Crawford 19/09/2011 $50.00 Good on you Jane and Adam and best of luck. Mum
Matt Squire 19/09/2011 $20.00
Jeremy Schultz 19/09/2011 $300.00 Great initiative Christian. Best wishes for the Run. Jeremy
John Cooper 19/09/2011 $100.00
Andrew Freeman 19/09/2011 $50.00 Good luck Christian
Graham Henry 19/09/2011 $250.00 For TEAM PHIL 09.10.11
Harrison Young 19/09/2011 $1,000.00 Go Jane!
Anonymous 19/09/2011 $250.00
Alden Toevs 19/09/2011 $500.00 Run your shoes off!
Brian Wilson 18/09/2011 $2,500.00 Great effort Jane - no, not the run. The research funding!
Francis Ebury 18/09/2011 $500.00
Claudia Lewicki 18/09/2011 $100.00 Good luck Jane, have a great run.
Frances and Ian Narev 18/09/2011 $500.00 Good luck - a great cause
Duncan Armitage 18/09/2011 $200.00 All the best on the day. Duncan and John
Brian Long 18/09/2011 $300.00
Barry Sheehan 18/09/2011 $250.00 Good luck Jane!!
David Craig 18/09/2011 $500.00 Best wishes for the run and the research Jane
Ruth Picker 18/09/2011 $200.00 best wishes team Phil!
Sherry Sunderman 18/09/2011 $100.00
Louise Marshall 17/09/2011 $200.00 Go Jane and Team Phil, run like the wind! Louise
Diana Osmond 16/09/2011 $80.00 Best of luck Jane x
Rachele Sabatino 16/09/2011 $30.00
Harriet Osmond 15/09/2011 $30.00 Good luck Jane xx
Anne Worlledge 14/09/2011 $200.00
Terranovate 14/09/2011 $2,000.00 Good luck Jane and the whole of Team Phil! John & Neville.
Geoff and Wendy Stops 13/09/2011 $1,000.00 Go Jane, Murray and the rest of the team!! Great cause.
Deb Spanton 13/09/2011 $30.00 Valiant effort Jane - Phil would be hugely impressed and proud of you as he always was. Lots of love and good luck - Debx
Meena Thuraisingham 12/09/2011 $200.00
Peter Dunn 12/09/2011 $200.00
Lynne Thomas 12/09/2011 $200.00 In fondest memory and in hope
Juliet Short 10/09/2011 $100.00 Good luck Jane from Juliet and Andrew
Ian Wood 10/09/2011 $100.00
Julia Corbett 9/09/2011 $200.00
Anonymous 9/09/2011 $10,000.00 For all the stars on Team Phil, and all those whose memory they honour
Andrew MacPherson 9/09/2011 $500.00 Jane and Team Phil, good luck with such an excellent effort.
Gill Rider 9/09/2011 $200.00 Best wishes to all Team Phil from Gill and David in the UK
Paul Dillon 9/09/2011 $100.00
William Parsons 8/09/2011 $30.00 Very Proud of your efforts Jane
Claire Hart 8/09/2011 $100.00 This one is for you Phil ... have a great race Jane ;)
Debra McCann 7/09/2011 $100.00 Hey Catriona - you go girl!!!
Grant Powell 6/09/2011 $200.00 Wow, just saw the other celebrities on the list and had to donate more. Good luck Jane, Steve, Derek and Murray too.
Grant Powell 6/09/2011 $200.00 Go Catriona!
Peter Smart 4/09/2011 $500.00 Huge effort Catriona, Steve Derek, Jane and Company for a great cause. Good luck nursing those ancient bodies over such an obscenely long course.
Paula Giles 4/09/2011 $100.00 Good running for a good cause
Coral Gordon 2/09/2011 $100.00 Go Murray! A worthy cause.
Bernard Knight 1/09/2011 $100.00 Good luck Murray! Will Sundae be running with you?
Michelle Gordon 31/08/2011 $1,000.00
Josie Healy 30/08/2011 $200.00
Sundae Gordon 30/08/2011 $50.00
Andrew Rowsell-Jones 29/08/2011 $100.00 Go Catriona!
Nicole Norton 29/08/2011 $100.00 Don't trip Murray
Dawn Allan 29/08/2011 $500.00 Best of luck Catriona
Jan Norton 29/08/2011 $100.00 Go Murray
Melinda Rosenberg 29/08/2011 $50.00 Good luck to Murray and the team
George Gintilas 29/08/2011 $300.00 A great cause, go Catriona!
Raymond Chang 28/08/2011 $500.00 Go Catriona and Team Phil!
Anne De Lacy 26/08/2011 $100.00 Good luck with the run!
Steve Barnes 26/08/2011 $100.00 Good luck Catriona
Jacqueline Sivalingam 26/08/2011 $20.00 Good Luck Catriona!
Ben Cass 26/08/2011 $100.00
Kerry Hegarty 26/08/2011 $50.00 Catriona - go girl! Go research!
Barbara Hepponstall 26/08/2011 $50.00
Anne-Maree Nunan 26/08/2011 $50.00 Good luck Catriona and Team Phil.
Anna Hinder 25/08/2011 $100.00 Best wishes Catriona, regards, Anna Hinder
Rajeev Dewan 25/08/2011 $50.00 Good luck Catriona
Paul Lewis 25/08/2011 $100.00 Good luck Team Phil
Total: $79,113.98
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21/11/2011Jane, well done on a great effort! JohnSir John Anderson
9/10/2011Well done Team Phil...Jane you have done Phil Proud ...IT was an honour to be part of Team Phil....Miss you heaps Phil .xxxxBronwyn O'Brien
23/09/2011I missed leaving a message with my donation. I can't believe you are so fit - truly inspirational - a great cause too, obviously built on love. Go Team Phil. DeborahDeborah Thomas
23/09/2011Good luck with the run Jane, and Tony wish all the best for the Team Phil projectGraham & Tony
22/09/2011A great cause. A huge challenge. Good luck.Geoff Healy
20/09/2011Yes, I'm also thrilled to be part of the team and to slug it out around the course with a few curses along the way. This is going to kill me, I'll be the one complaining for a change. xGaylene MOLINIA
19/09/2011Great effort Jane and team. All the best on the day.Graham & Grace
14/09/2011Well done, Jane. Good luck on the day- we will be with you in spiritAnne and Tim
9/09/2011Good luck Jane and the rest of Team PhilJulia Eve
29/08/2011Congratulations Jane for setting this up. On behalf of the APGI we are delighted and thrilled to partner with on this venture. For far too long pancreatic cancer has been in the too hard basket, and every dollar raised means more knowledge and better outcomes for the future. Go Team Phil!!Amber Johns
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