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The Garvan Institute of Medical Research has one of the largest breast cancer research teams in Australia.

Our scientists aim to understand how breast cancer develops, spreads throughout the body and how it’s best treated.

Please join us for From The Breast Cancer Lab to You, our second annual community update with a specific focus on hereditary breast cancer. You’ll hear from Garvan and international research leaders, oncologists, patients and funding organisations. Including:

  • Professor Judy Garber, Director of the Center for Cancer Genetics and Prevention, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Professor of Medicine, Harvard University, who will deliver the Connie Johnson Memorial Lecture
  • Associate Professor Alex Swarbrick, Head of the Tumour Progression Laboratory, Garvan
  • Associate Professor Elgene Lim, Head of the Connie Johnson Breast Cancer Research Laboratory, Garvan, and Clinical Oncologist, St Vincent’s Hospital
  • Dr Liz Caldon, Leader of the Replication and Genome Stability Group in Garvan’s Cancer Division
  • Rachel lonergan, Founder of CanDo
  • Professor Sarah Hosking, Chief Executive Officer, National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Lee hunt, Cancer Voices NSW
  • Dr Mandy Ballinger, Leader of the Genetic Cancer Risk Group in Garvan’s Cancer Division

From The Breast Cancer Lab To You is hosted by the Garvan Research Foundation, and sponsored by Estée Lauder Companies (as part of its global Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign). There is no cost to attend the session, but registration is essential.

Learn more about Garvan’s breast cancer research.



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Garvan Institute of Medical research
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